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  • Improved Search

  • Option for global search or within specific categories.
    You can search for codes from SILCA, ORION, ERREBI, KEYLINE, and others.
    No need to include "-" in the key code.
  • Quantity Manipulator

  • Use the quantity manipulator to easily set the required quantity. You can adjust the quantity with a step of +/-1 or directly set 5, 10, or 50 pieces of the desired item.
    Complete history of all orders made.
    In the profile section, you have access to all orders you've made so far.
  • Improved Shopping Cart

  • After adding an item to the shopping cart, it will remain there until you complete the order, regardless of whether you've left the website or the session has expired due to inactivity or any other reason.
    Easy to use on mobile devices.
    The new version of the website enhances its usability on mobile devices across all categories and functionalities.

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